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ENGL 338 - Hartzog

instructor: Molly Hartzog
email: mshartzog@frostburg.edu
coursetitle: Technical Writing
courseno: ENGL 338
students: 20 each section
date: 2/19/2018
time: 10:00 and 11:00
length: 50 minutes
classassignment: Students need instruction on searching library databases for technical documents related to STEM fields. Assignment instructions are pasted below. Document Analysis: Basic requirements: 1000-1500 word analysis; copy of/link to document used for analysis Purpose: Technical professionals have responsibilities not only for creating and contributing to a variety of documents, but also for reading, interpreting, and briefing others on the contents and implications of documents created by others. This assignment asks you to work with a real document from your field of study, to analyze its content and form, and to explain its technical significance. Details: Locate a recent document (generally, within the past five years, though there may be worthy exceptions) with relevance to your major field or your professional goals. The document should be reasonably substantial, or else highly significant—that is, it must be able to sustain enough interpretation for you to prepare a 1000-1500 word report. You can look for an appropriate document in a number of places. Perhaps one of your professors in your major has assigned something relevant in another course or could recommend a document. Many interesting documents are the subject of news coverage and may be available from news websites. The library is a good source, as are the websites of professional organizations such as the IEEE and government agencies such as the Department of Energy and NASA. You may choose to work with a document other than a technical report, for example, a standard, a procedure, a proposal, a specification, a white paper, or some other genre. Your analysis should address the following (not necessarily in this order): The genre of the document--What are its essential features? What characteristics might it share with other documents in the same genre? The purpose of the document--Why was this document created? What are readers looking to do with the document? The primary and secondary audiences for this document--Who reads it? What are they looking for? The style of the document--How is it organized? What kind of language is used? What kind of visuals are used (if any)? Does the document have a unique page layout?

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Monday, February 19, 2018
10:00am - 10:50am
Library Instruction Classroom
FSU Ort Library
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